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 Valor's Hybrid Sin Build

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PostSubject: Valor's Hybrid Sin Build   Valor's Hybrid Sin Build I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 05, 2011 2:29 pm

Valor's Hybrid Sin Build

Table of Contents

Page 1
•Bui’s Stats
•Gclaw and Regular Claw Hybrid Assassin Setups

Page 2
•Stashed Gear
•Recommended Gear

Page 3
•Stat Distributions
•Skill Distributions
•Recommended Hotkeys
•FCR/FHR/Block Tables

Page 4
•Dueling Strategies


Hey Clan LPs, Assassins are one of my favorite classes and I want to share my Hybrids Build some of you may know Valors. By modifying numerous builds and setups over the years, I have finally come up with a good combination that is still serving me to this day. In this guide, I will include both a setups for those who can get Glitched Claws (Gclaws) and those who cannot. This guide will allow you to make a Hybrid Assassin like mine.

Whirlwind (WW) Assassins generally branch out into two different types: Ghost and Hybrids. Unlike Ghost Assassins, Hybrid sins tend to rely on a combination of traps as well as WW to win in a duel. And while this style allows them to use 2 methods of attacks as opposed to a Ghost Sin's single method, hybrid assassins tend to have less damage and less ar. However, what they lack in pure WW damage, they make up for with powerful traps that a Ghost assassin lacks. This allows them to tackle tough opponents such as VTs and BvCs much easier then a ghost. Also, learning how to efficiently switch between 65FCR and 102FCR setups, the hybrid assassin can be very effective in not only 1v1 but also Team Dueling as well

What makes a good hybrid sin is balance. Having too much WW damage (Fort or Bramble) will mean you lose something (mobility), and having too much trap damage will mean you lost something else (WW damage). My build not only has a good combination of that, but also has high life, claw block, and life rep as well.

Also keep in mind, that there may be several times in this guide where I bring up what option is most effective in Sin vs. Sin. This is due to the fact that most of the time, Hybrid Sins can pretty much kill every other class if played correctly - and that renders arguments about other classes useless.

With that in mind, let’s get going with the actual guide:


Valors - My Hybrid Assassin has:

• 4700+ life Normally (5000 life Sin vs. Sin setup)
• 5700+ Attack Rating with Fury (13,000+ Attack Rating with Fools Claw)
• 4300+ WW damage (~1700 venom, ~2600 physical)
• 6000-7000+ Lightning Sentry Damage (Depends on Circlet, Will be explained later)
• 50% Damage reduction (For both 65FCR and Sin v Sin Setup)
• 65% FCR Breakpoint (102FCR Breakpoint with gear swap)
• 27% FHR Breakpoint (48FHR BP for 102fcr Setup)
• Max Resists
• 40 Life rep Switch (To counter overly defensive duelers)

Through-out this guide. I will also go over such things as:

45% FCR vs. 65% FCR vs. 102% FCR
• 45% FCR: Only When you are dueling a ghost sin or a character where you feel mobility is not as needed as having more life.
• 65% FCR: 95% of the time you will be using this one. It will give you the best damage and mobility output
• 102% FCR: Can be used vs. Necromancers and 200fcr sorcs to help you catch them faster. Can also be used in team duels where an occasional speed boost will help you get faster locks to help your team.

How to WSM Bug your claws (to increase trap laying speed)
• Place your slower claw (Suwayyah) over your glove side, and place the faster claws (Feral/Runic) over your boots side
• Click on the glove side claw to pick it up and click once more to wear it again
• Now your weapon IAS will take effect from your boot side (Faster) claw only giving you faster speed to lay traps quicker

• What are the benefits of Fade? (Curse reduction, DR, and resists)
• How exactly does the hidden bonus works? Every 1 point in fade = 1% more dr. That means, level 43 fade=43% dr. ALL points counts, not just base points.
• How many point are needed to keep 50% DR? This depends on what the rest of your gear. (My Setup Needs level 34 Fade)

Mind-blast and Stun-lock
• When your opponent is low on life, you can mind blast lock them and get the kill instead of trying to come close and risking a chance to get hurt
• When you mind-blast someone they will have a swirly affect above their heads. This means that the next attack, regardless of how weak or powerful it is, will put them in FHR animation.
• Stun lock is done by setting traps on the ground and spamming mind blast when your opponent is getting hit my traps. If you attack them quick enough, you can put them in FHR lock, which is where they are stuck and cannot move as you constantly weaken them until they die.

What is WSG?
• Weapon Switch Glitch (WSG). The default key for this technique is W.
• When you are in the middle of a continuous attack (Ex: locked by traps), If you switch to your other weapons by pressing W it resets the lock and you will not be put into FHR motion until another attack hits you (giving you time to escape)
• By rapidly pressing W and running south, you can escape locks

What is Tri-WWing and DoD?
• Tri WW is a style that can be used to deal out high damage rapidly while leaving little room for escape. If is done by WWing in a triangle around your opponent.
• Dance of Death (DoD) is a style of Tri WW where you repeat the triangle motion nonstop

What is a Fool's-claw?
• Fools Mod provides a huge boost in damage along with attack rating. It is used on the "boot side" claw and WSM Bugged to help hybrid assassins achieve the needed AR to hit higher def chars such as barbs and pallies.
• The more % OW the better (2x um runes is a common choice. Another option is Um/Lo rune for more deadly strike. Both are good, it is up to the player’s style that will determine which is more suited for them).


Helm: (Ber/Ber)
2sin/20fcr/Vis Mod/Res All/Life/2socs Circlet
Your goal is to find a circlet with mods as similar to the one in the screenshot as possible:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Shako (Jah or 20life/15res all)
It gives tons of life. Helm will be used occasionally in Sin v Sin Match ups or Vs Characters where you feel the additional life boost will help more than res/AR/mana/etc… from the circlet

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

08 Valk (Ber)
It gives FRW, FHR, IAS, and most importantly the 30% FCR all in 1 helm. This helm will help you when you need to hit the 102fcr BP.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Enigma (Mage plate)
This armor is the main part of your build. It gives you the STR needed to wear. Try to aim for Mage Plate or a “Light” Armor because while Gothic may look good to some people, it will slow down your walk speed and that is vital when you are trying to run/walk to avoid attacks

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Arachnid’s Mesh
This is probably the best belt you can get for the standard setup. The 20% FCR is used to replace the 20fcr loss from not using a 20fcr Amulet. The 1to all Skill will boost damage and life, and the mana will allow you to have more mana to chase down your opponents.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Raven Frost
Provides the Cannot be Frozen (CNBF) mod. It also Gives an AR and mana boost as well.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

10fcr/9min damage/15dex/120AR/40 life/15 res all Ring
Simply the best all around FCR ring for this build.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Trang-oul Gloves
Gives FCR, cold resists, and Poison damage (+25%). These gloves are also a MUST.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Shadow Dancers
30fhr, 2 skills, and 25dex to boost AR and wear claws

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Storm Hide
This amulet provides a huge boost to life/dex/res/life and is one the best amulet for this build. Storm Hide is almost a 100% perfect roll, and due to the fact that those mods can no longer spawn, it is almost impossible to get something better that can replace this.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

2sin/20fcr/60life/20all res/20mana/10mana regen Crafted Amulet

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Glitched Claw Build:

Glitched Suwayyah Chaos
This is the highest damage chaos claw available in the game. Even though it’s a slower claw, with WSM bugged, it will be just as fast as using 2x fast claws. So basically, you can gain all the power of the claw, and face no drawbacks of having reduced speed.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Fools Claw (Runic or Feral)
Second fastest type claw in game. This is an example of the best fool’s claw you can use for your hybrid assassin. It has all the mods you need in additional to 3ls/3venom/2weapon block. The closer you can get to this claw, the better your fools is.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Regular Claw Build:

Get 1 Suwayyah (Chaos) and either a Feral/Runic Fools claw or Feral/Runic Claw Fury both with: 3 Venom, 3 Light Sentry and any of these mods for your last mod on the claw:
• Fade
• Weapon Block
• Dragon Flight
• Mind blast

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

• If you can find a good Fools claw with 2sin/3light sentry/etc…, it will out perform your Fury claw and you will use it 95% of the time. Otherwise a Fury is a good backup for those who can not get a godly Fools.
• The only time you will want to use claws with +3 to venom is if you do not use Gclaw and are using 2x regular claws. Then the +3 venom on each claw will help because combined you will have 6+ to venom (because you get 3+ from each claw).
• If you Use Gclaws they +3 Venom is not needed, because since Gclaws cannot spawn with +3venom on them, having 3+ venom on only 1 claw is a waste of a skill since you can just switch to CTA/Spirit to cast Venom.

• Bramble/Pre buff venom gear. (6+ venom claws w/ 2x psn facets. Good for team duels where you have someone else to BO for you)
• Widow maker (-15req jewel with mods such as res all and max damage are nice here) - to be used vs. defensive chars to force them to attack you
• Absorb Rings (Wisp/Dwarf/Raven)
• Thundergods Belt (To absorb those Far cast Amazons)
• Demon Limb To Enchant with
• Soul Shanks or Res Boots of equivalence in your realm for stacking resist
• 20/5s and 20/11s for stacking Cold resist

Recommended Gear

65FCR Setup
• Helm - 2sin/20fcr/Vis Mod/Res All/Life/2socs Diadem (Ber/Ber)
• Armor - Mage plate Enigma
• Amulet - Storm Hide
• Boots - Shadow Dancers
• Rings - 10fcr/40Life/90 Mana/20str/120AR/11 res all Ring + Raven Frost
• Gloves - Trangs-Oul Gloves
• Belt- Arachnids Mesh
• Claws - Glitched Suwayyah Chaos Claw + Feral/Runic Fools claw with 3light sentry, 3 Dragon Flight, 3 Weapon Block (or mind blast)

102FCR Setup
• Helm - 08 Valk (Ber)
• Armor - Mage plate Enigma
• Amulet - 2sin/20fcr/60life/20res all/20mana/10mana rep ring
• Boots - Shadow Dancers
• Rings - 2x 10fcr/40Life/90 Mana/20str/120AR/11 res all Ring
• Gloves - Trangs-Oul Gloves
• Belt - Arachnids Mesh
• Claws - Glitched Suwayyah Chaos Claw + Feral/Runic Fools claw with 3light sentry, 3 Dragon Flight, 3 Weapon Block (or mind blast)

Sin vs. Sin Setup
• Helm - Shako (Jah)
• Armor - Mage plate Enigma
• Amulet - 2sin/20fcr/60life/20res all/20mana/10mana rep ring
• Boots - Shadow Dancers
• Rings - 10fcr/40Life/90 Mana/20str/120AR/11 res all Ring + Raven Frost (Replace FCR ring with a Wisp if needed)
• Gloves - Trangs-Oul Gloves
• Belt - Arachnids Mesh
• Claws - Glitched Suwayyah Chaos Claw + Suwayyah claw with 3light sentry, 3 Dragon Flight, 3 Weapon Block (or mind blast)


9x Shadow Grand Charms
1x Torch
1x Anni
5x 3max/20ar/20life Small Charms
5x 20life/5res all Small Charms

-You may need to use a few 15life/70mana SCs vs. some opponents to increase mana.

Stat Distribution:

Strength - Base
Dexterity - Base
Vitality - All
Energy - Base

-You MIGHT need to add a little bit of STR or DEX depending on your setup and gear

Skill Distribution:

• Venom - 20
• Lightning Sentry - 20
• Death Sentry - 20
• Charge Bolt Sentry - 20
• Fade - Enough for 50% DR (Should be 1-2 Points Depending on Gear. *Read Below*)
• Weapon Block - Enough for 60% Block
• Shadow Master - 1
• Mind Blast - 1
• Shock Web - all remaining points

• Fade will give 1% DR per skill (Hidden Bonus). Depending on your gear and equipment setup the level of fade will vary. Level 30fade= 30% dr, etc... (I use Level 34 Fade with a single ber in my helm)
• When stating for Fade, remember to BO first and cast it with CTA/Spirit Shield out to get those extra 3 points. During duels you will also cast fade with CTA/Spirit out

• Wake of Fire - 1
• Dragon Flight - 1 (If you don’t already get it from your claw. *read below*)
• Dragon Claw - 1 (If you get Dragon Flight, you will get this anyways)

• Some people find Dragon Flight is not needed. I find this is wrong.
• When facing some characters you may not need it, but against others such as camping trapper, defensive sorcs/necromancers, this skill can save your life by allowing you to snipe them from barely off screen.
• Even if it does not hit, it will position you right next to them where you can follow up with either Whirlwind or stun-lock

Recommended Hotkeys

Q=Dragon Claw
W=Weapon Switch
E=Battle Command
R=Battle Order
T=Physic Hammer
S=Dragon Flight
H=Burst of Speed
Z=Mind blast
X=Wake of Fire
C=Cloak of Shadows
V=Lightning Sentry
B=Shadow Master

65% FCR is the recommend one. (You will use this BP most of the time)

An assassins 27% FHR is the same as a sorc’s 142% FHR or a necros 86% FHR. Therefore shadow dancers (30%fhr) will give you all the FHR you need. *For most situations, you can actually use a combination of WSG and WW to get yourself out of FHR lock/stun-lock.*

Weapon Block
Level 26 - 60%
Level 31 - 61%
Level 36 - 62%
Level 42 - 63%

• 60% is the recommended amount.
• Due to the fact that Weapon Block has a very quick block frame and is unaffected by FHR, every 1% after 60% will help a great deal more than the previous level.
• While you may not notice much of a difference vs. other characters, in sin vs. sin, if both players are well matched who ever blocks more will be the winner. (Even if your opponent has slightly more life or damage, your higher block may allow you to win)

Dueling Strategies

• Bow: Stay on them constantly and MB to prevent them from shooting you. They will not be able to do much. Just remember, WoF puts them in dodge lock and LS does actual damage. Use a combination of the two and DoD when you get the chance.

• Cs Zon: Set a few traps around them to put them in lock and do some damage. MB them to prevent them from trying to run away. If they WSG to escape this, WW them in the direction they are running and they will get hurt badly. If they do not move and try to tank you, they will soon become stunned. If they try to tank you, just tele on top of them to DoD to lock them even more. Your high physical/venom and open wounds will eat them up and you can mind blast to get the last kill. If they happen to be a Far cast CS Zon, wear tgods and a wisp and do the same thing.

• BvC/BvA: Cloak them and set 5 traps around you, since they are closed ranged character, you can play the range game and wait for them to attack you. Right before they hit you, tele away and throw a quick mind-blast or physic hammer to mess up their locks. If you see the opportunity, you can try to lay a few traps on top of them to stun them and force them to WSG out of the trap lock. When they do this, quick tele stomp on top of them and throw a WW. They should get hit and try to attack you right back but miss as you move away - leaving LS/MB to hit them. Repeat this Process until they have about 40% life left. Now with your high life and strong WW damage as well as 5x traps around you, try to WW them at the end of their WW's, while setting traps at angels to hit them as they trade hits with you. If done correctly, this should work every time

• Conc./Zerk/Melee Barbs: read ZEALOT.

• PNB: These guys are probably the hardest class for a hybrid sin if they are smart and know what to do. Your claw block will be a life saver here by cutting their chance to hit you in half. But you will still be in trouble if you run into a train of IBS. Just remember that necs need a distance to attack you, so if you can stay on top of them and force them to run all the time, they won’t have much time to retaliate. After all, the best defense is a good offense. Most necs will spam IBS and tele away as soon as you come close to lure you into a spirit train and tank you with bone prisons/bone spear when you make a mistake. I recommend you tele up at an angle to avoid IBS and set traps to make them move. When are move, they cannot attack, so keep a lock on them and stomp on them with dragon claw. If done correctly, not only will your shadow minion stack the nec and prevent him from harming you, but they will get stunned and be forced to WSG out of your attack. When you see this, WW them in the same direction they are running. If they chase you, set a few traps by predicting their movements and try to get them locked. Using both WoF and light sentry here will help greatly here because WoF stuns much better than light sentry while the light traps actually do damage.

• Psn Nova: MB them as soon as you see them and try to get a lock for WW. These guys can't have good FHR/Damage/DR/Block/Life so find out which one they are missing and use that to your advantage. Nova has a short rand, so they have to come close to hurt you, so use this opportunity to make then fall into your traps so they'll get stunned. You should be able to tank a good deal of novas before you die, so you have a few chances to redeem yourself if you miss.

• Blizzard: Your claw block gives u a good chance to block their blizzard without getting hit once. Teleport in a zigzag pattern as your approach them to confuse them. Once they are on your screen, stun them and start DoD. If they WSG, they still get hit badly by WW and traps. Repeat this until they are worn down to 1 hp and use traps or tele/WW stomp to get the kill. If they blizzard on themselves, set traps around them, and Mb them out of their own blizz while traps hurt them. When they are stun locked, just DoD them until they die. If you really need to, you can go to stash and switch on those 20/11s to stack their cold mastery.

• Fireball: You should be able to catch 90% of these guys quite easily. Fast ones are a little tricky, but try to predict their movements and get name locks. Dragon flight assists here to catch godly fast ones because even if it doesn’t hit, it places you on the same screen with them and that allows you to set up your MB locks. Try to get them locked with traps and then start DoD. If they WSG, just WW them in the same direction they are running. If they play defensive, you can use 102fcr to catch them easier. Remember, you also have 40 life rep on switch, so if they l8z you, just sit back and watch your life go up with 5 traps around you for protection.

• Lightning: Avoid their powerful lightning and get a stun lock. Read how to duel Fireball sorcs and apply the same concept.

• Hammerdin: These are annoying if they're good synchers. There are two types of Hdins, the ones that stomp you, and the ones that run around and set up hammers and pray that you will run into those hammers. If they are offensive, just set traps around you and WW around while waiting for them to stomp you and getting hurt from your WW. If they are defensive, let them play defensive and set traps all over the floor/mb them while predicting their synches, if you get them stunned or see them hesitating go for a WW or two and run away. Repeat. If they don’t get stunned, just keep MB'ing them till they tele on top of you or until traps/mb eat away their life and they die. There have been occasions where I have simply relied on MB/Traps to kill these guys if they're too defensive. You can also use your LS to predict their synch.

• Smiters: You have the ability to block their attack and merely get stunned from it. Try to set a few light sentries and maybe 1 WoF to force them to attack you as you spam mb. When they do attack, just WW away in a zigzag motion. Remember to WW away from them and not through them. Force them to come to you, by MB'ing them as traps wear them down. The smart one will stay off screen and run in for a quick smite or two and run off again. Use your LS to predict their synch and WW away from it as your LS chips away their life. Repeat as needed.

• Zealot: Unless they are telezeal you, they are hopeless. Set a few LS and mb them to force them to attack you. When they do, just WW zigzag away. The traps will weaken them, and the KB from fool’s claw will prevent them from hitting you. If they are tele zealers, then set traps and WW away predicting their movements so that they don’t get directly on top of you. It takes good timing to beat a smart telezealer, but because you are a hybrid you can rely on traps to get your kill as WW to keep them away.

• Elemental: They can barely get enough FHR to escape your WoF traps and Mind blast. Throw on WW on top of that and they have no chance to beat you. The smarter ones will run around and wait for your to make a mistake and stomp on your to Nado a few times and run off again. Just remember to always keep a trap or two around your body even as you chase them incase that happens. Worst comes to worst, you have high life rep, so if you make too many mistakes chasing them down, sit in your pile of 5 traps to rep your life back up. If they stomp you while you are repping, MB them once or two to get them stunned and DoD.

• Rabies or Rabies/Fury Hybrids: Remember to not use shadow master for this match up. If they infect your shadow and you tele, you will get infected as well. The best way to take out these guys is to chase them down with traps and keep a safe distance, if you see the chance to attack them do a quick tele in WW and run out to avoid getting hit. If they are close you don’t have time to tele, WW in a downward zigzag motion to hit them and prevent yourself from being infected. If you get hit, go all out with traps and DoD, you will need to try to kill them as quick as possible before their Rabies can get to you.

• Fury: read ZEALOT.

• Trapper: A good/l8z trapper is very hard. If you fight a good trapper who knows how to avoid getting hit with WW, just remember, you have 2 sources of attack while they only have one. Your claw block gives you an advantage. Try to lure them by placing traps at 1 side to force them to run into either your WW or more traps on the other side. When you get the chance, mb them, and set up your traps while avoid getting hit by theirs. Trapping in a circle works wonders on some of these guys. When they are off guard tele in DoD them and set some traps while they try to get away. Once you have a lock, try to keep the chain lock and get a quick WW in. If they play the box + l8z game, remember that if both players have 1000 life, it takes more traps for them to kill you, then for you to kill them with WW so just sit back and rep until you see a chance to attack again.

• Ghost: They will out WW you due to higher critical strike and deadly strike, but they don’t have traps to assist in damage. Run around and avoid getting hit as you lure them in your pile of traps. Trade WWs once they are about 70% life or so. Most of the time, you can slap on a Shako for high life and set 5 LS in 1 spot. WW in that same line so they get hurt as they follow you to get the kill. Remember, DO NOT try to trade hits with them without having all 5 traps out - and even if you do, try to avoid it if possible as they have more damage and will out hit you anyways

• Bramble/Fort: They don’t have teleport. Set traps and stay out of their range, you should never lose to one of these. When they try to DF you, WW away to hit them mid flight and then tele away and set more traps.

• Hybrids: This is a mirror match - Which means whoever is the better dueler will win. Set traps to either out trap them and/or force them out of their traps. This hybrid build has high life, and high WW damage so most of the time, you can beat other hybrids if you trade hits with them. Not much advice I can give here except practice, practice, practice.


• The Hybrid Assassin if played correctly, in my opinion, is the best class for 1v1 GM. They can be both offensive like a Ghost and defensive like a trapper, while other characters have to pick between the two.
• They can use the powerful 65FCR setup to tank and deal damage or the 102FCR to catch pesky casters. And while most classes have a weakness they simply cannot beat, your only real weakness as a Hybrid Assassin is a max block necromancer. And even for that, it’s actually a pretty even fight. You can still win if you play correctly. Other than that, no other char should even come close to being able to defeat you in a GM 1v1.
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Valor's Hybrid Sin Build
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