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 Ziza's PvP Cs/Lf Javazon

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PostSubject: Ziza's PvP Cs/Lf Javazon   Ziza's PvP Cs/Lf Javazon I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 05, 2011 9:37 am

I have been noticing many people asking for a Charge Strike/Light fury Javazon build so I thought I would post mine up. The build works great in 1x1 and pub duels as long as your opponent is not absorbing light damage.

Give it a read over. I have fixed and expanded on a few things. So any positive criticism or problems will be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Build Objectives
100% Total Ias
75% Resistance with 70%+ stacked light.
48%fcr option

Strength – Enough to use items.
Dexterity – Enough for 75% block with Stormshield and Jmod.
Vitality – Rest of remaining stats.
Energy – None

Power Strike – 20
Charge Strike – 20
Lightning Strike – 20
Lightning Bolt – 20
Lightning Fury – 20
Jab - 1
Poison Javelin - 1
Dodge – 1
Avoid – 1
Evade -1
Total Skill Points = 105
Level Required = 94

If you don’t want to level to 94, you will just have less points into your cs/lf synergies.


I will go through the gear required for this build then explain the different setups.

4skill/40ias/replenish Javelins (%ed/eth are a bonus but not required)
With a charge strike and light fury, it is more important to hit your ias breakpoint then to have a little physical damage or + skills. I prefer the 4/40/replenish over 6/40’s or 5/40’s because you use light fury quite often and it’s a pain to have to keep repairing your javelins.

Griffon Headress – Socketed with 15%ias/15%res Jewel
The 25%fcr is a great plus and the extra % light damage/-light resistance is hard to pass up.

Teleport is a must with a CS/LF Javazon and has other great stats.

Rare or Crafted 24%fhr/60life/30str/tri-res
With this build, you will already be doing massive damage so a rare belt is a better choice for this build over thundergod’s.

Stormshield – Socketed with a 15ias/15res jewel
Stormshield is great when damage reduction or extra resistance is required.

Jewelers Monarch of Deflection – Socketed with (4) x 5/5 light facets
This shield is great vs casters or other non-physical damage attacks. It greatly increases your damage, but also gives the chance to block depending on who you are dueling.

*If you are on a budget, you can do this build with just a Stormshield. The Jmod makes you do more damage but you can still be very effective in duels without it and it makes it easier to get your resistances.

Rare boots – 30frw/fhr/stats/tri-res
With this build you lack resistance, so more resistance the better.

Rare/Crafted – 20ias/2jav/Knock Back/resistance/stats
Knock back is very important vs charging characters and is required to interrupt the attack. If you are lucky enough, your rare javs may have Knock back on them, and then it wouldn’t be required on your gloves. You also need resistance on the gloves to make up for the lack of resistance on the rest of the build.

Raven Frost
The Can not be frozen is a must and the extra 20 dex is a great bonus.

Rare/Crafted - 10%fcr/life/dex/res
The 10% fcr is required to hit the extra fcr breakpoint and the resistance is needed to make up for the lack of resistance on the rest of the build.

Cats Eye
This is used for the 30frw and 20%ias which is needed to hit your ias breakpoint.

Crafted – 14%+ fcr/2skill/stats/life/mana/res
The fcr is needed to hit your fcr breakpoint when needed. The rest of the mods are are just going make your Javazon that much more of a tank.


20/20 Torch
20/20 Anni
(3) x 12%fhr Javelin Grand Charms
(6) x 45 life Javelin Grand Charms
(Cool x frw/5Res all small charms
(2) x fhr/Res all small charms

Dueling Strategies

Key Setup
Left button – Charge Strike all the time
Right button - Z = Light Fury, X = Teleport, C = Charge strike

Basic PvP Strategies
I use the fcr ammy and Stormshield in most pub duels and the Catseye and JMOD when dueling non-physical damage. You can use JMOD and Catseye vs some physical damage characters if you are dueling good manner 1x1.

Use Light Fury to keep casters moving and any time someone is not in range and use charge strike when they are. The idea is to keep your attacks random and try not to be predicable. Mix up running and teleporting when movement is needed and use the Chain lock teleporting as shown below.

Chain attacking teleport to Charge Strike so you don’t lose name lock.
This is important and will take some practice to get good at it.
Step 1 - Hold down shift and name lock your opponent with right click charge strike (C).
Step 2 – Move the cursor over yourself.
Step 3 – While still holding shift switch to teleport on right click (X) and quickly back to right click charge strike (C).

This will make it much easier to hit characters that run or teleport often.

PvP Strategies
*These are strategies for 1vs1. If you are in pub duels, your gear options will vary depending on all characters in the game but most of the time I use a Stormshield and fcr amulet. These strategies are base on your opponent not fully sorbing your light damage. As discussed in the above section, review chainlocking. It is a very important tactic that can allow you teleport on people 2 screens away without losing your namelock.


CS/LF – Gear: JMOD and Catseye.
Your ias/fhr will give you the ability to kill on most CS/LF Javazons toe to toe. If they decide to start running and using light fury, use the chainlock teleport back to CS. If you are dueling a far casting javazon, you need to teleport as close to them as you can, then hit them with your right click CS. Once you start to hit them, hold down shift, if they start to run, do the chainlock teleport back to CS to finish them off. Most far casters lack skill and their builds are usually based around eth Titans.

Bowzon – Gear: Stormshield and fcr ammy.
You will want to teleport as close to the bowzon as you can get. Most bowzons will not want to go toe to toe with a javazon and will start running and shooting. If they do this, use chainlock teleport back to CS.

Poisonzon – Gear: Stormshield and fcr ammy.
Poison zons hit and run, so try to chainlock them right at the start.


ALL- Gear: Stormshield and fcr ammy.
Most barbs will play very aggressive vs all zons. With your block, dodge and DR, you should be able to tank most barbs damage. When the barb teleports on you, use your right click CS. When it goes out of your range or starts to run, use your chainlock.


Windy – Gear: Stormshield and fcr ammy.
Vs windy, you want to use run and keep ahead of his teleports. Use light fury to kill his summons and cyclone armor. If he runs to recast, try to chainlock him, if he doesn’t run let him telebomb you while you namelock him hold down shift and CS.

Fury – Gear: Stormshield and fcr ammy.
Run, if he follows, use light fury to KB/Stun him. Every once in a while, follow up your LF. If you time it right, you can cs right after your lf hits giving you a free shot. If he starts to run, use your chainlock CS. If he is standing still, chances are he is using shift/fury, don’t attack him when he is doing this if he is using an Etomb. LF until he starts to run after u again.

Fury/Rabies – Gear: Stormshield and fcr ammy.
You can either use the same strategy as the straight fury druid as long as he has not hit you with rabies. The other option is when he comes in to rabies you, you can hit him a few times with LF to kill his sage, then finish him off with CS. If he rabies you, he will want to run away and do weapon flash switch. If he does this, use chainlock on top of him to finish him off.


Smite/Charger – Gear: Stormshield and fcr ammy.
Vs a charger, you are going to want to play defensive. Run away and interrupt his charge with LF. It is very important to have KB to interrupt their attack. You also need to remember that, a charger is going to desync. You need to know that he is coming, just start throwing LF in the direction he is coming from. If he is freezing, you will have a much easier time killing him since he won’t be desyncing. When you have him following you and using LF to KB, throw in a CS right after the LF. It takes some practice to time this but if you have light fury on the left click and CS on the right click it makes this much easier. You want to time your cs right after the lf hits. This will allow you to hit him with cs without taking major damage. If he starts charging away, chainlock him and go in for the kill.

Hammer – Gear: JMOD and Catseye.
You use light fury as a range attack and try to keep out of their range by using teleport. You are better off trying to use chainlock a hammerdin then having them telebomb you. You have a much better chance killing if it’s when you are ready for it. If they are freezing, you can sometimes run them down but your much better off using the chainlock to avoid hammers.

Foh – Gear: JMOD and Catseye.
Most foher’s will run and foh so you will need to kill them as fast as you can. Chainlock them as soon as you can get a namelock.


ALL – Gear: JMOD and Catseye.
Use LF to keep them moving and switch between run and teleport. You want to make your moves random so they don’t know what to expect. If they have low resistance, you may kill the odd one with LF but don’t expect it. The reason you want to keep them moving is so they don’t just stand there and shoot at you. If they are doing that, you can not make a namelock and stay alive long enough to chainlock them.

Trapper – Gear: JMOD and Catseye.
You are not going to want to charge in after an assassin that has a bunch of traps already on the ground. Get him to chase you by using LF. Once you got him on the move, teleport after him and try to catch him while he is laying his traps. If he starts to move around or run away, use chainlock.

Ghost/Whirlwind – Gear: JMOD and Catseye.
Same thing as vs trapper. You don’t want to go in after them if they have all their traps laid. Get them to come after you, and take them out with CS.
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Ziza's PvP Cs/Lf Javazon
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