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 A Story you must read.

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PostSubject: A Story you must read.   Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:04 pm

FBI DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!- That phrase... Changed my life forever...
This is a real story that happened almost 14 years ago when freedom was a respected word amongst youth. I was a young fresh man living with my partner Kevin near lake Arasis in southern England. We left the village directly to York to meet Natasha in the new local inn. We arrived there very early and we found a very nervous Natasha a Natasha I have never seen in my life. She was with a black bag, that black bag was the mystery that evolves this whole story in to something else than a vortex of confusion and des esprication , I followed her blinking eyes and Kevin's which shined together like frogs into the upper hall crossing to our rooms. For a lot of time Kevin and Natasha have shared lots of things, this time the bedroom... and with it... the bed, that sharing process just made feel jealous because Natasha was my sister... and Kevin my best friend, but what could I do it's their decision. The next morning Natasha was in front of me yelling -Quickly Paul we must get going! - ( Paul used to be my name... A name I will never be called for again... Truth is... You can all call me Teddy.) - I was wondrous on what to do so I realized we had to get going even though Kevin disappeard and Natasha didn't tell me what happened with him. We ran back to london where we stayed in a Hotel for the night... Natasha didn't had enough money to get two rooms so we had to share beds... Even though she is my sister I must admit she is a very beautiful woman and there was nothing I could do so... That night one word came out of my heart but I couldn't do anything... it Was to late... it was Incest. The next day we found out that our cousin Jamey invited us to stay with him in his lovely farm in north england a very safe place where you are HIDING DRUGS, yes... Drugs of all kinds were inside the black bag... But it was too late to turn back so we went to the farm. We stayed there for 1 year, In that year me and my sister had a son, we named him Phil... It was all good until one day... FBI DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM! Was heard very early in the morning and I knew what to do. I grabbed my son and I ran with my neighbor Phil to Spain leaving Natasha into FBI's hands. Once we were there I told him I had to go to France for a bit,
I gave him enough money and then I went away. 4 Years later I came back and I morphed my self into a Tree I told Phil to come by me and I exchanged essences with him, I took little Phil's body ( He was like Cool And he took the body of a tree. I ran away with my son and I never came back there. I hope this story helps any of you my estimated and energised members of Clan LPs, no this story has nothing to do with me ( Hopefully) but I know it has something to do with all of you, Just read twice and think about it, I shall be gone.
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PostSubject: Re: A Story you must read.   Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:27 am

what... the... fuck.... ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Question Question Question ... Thats one helluva fucked up story... I dont even know what to say.
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A Story you must read.
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