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 Donations for NEW Clan Bank Account

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PostSubject: Donations for NEW Clan Bank Account   Donations for NEW Clan Bank Account I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 2:11 am

How's everyone doing? If you have checked in the Clan Bank Account thread, things have changed slightly. The LPs Bank has a new account ran and secured by myself, obviously with access from other battalion members and heads. We have a lot of new and different things in there if people need them. As well, we don't have quite as much as we used to. SOOOO, we need you guys's help, we need some donations for the bank! Also, if there is some expensive gear you'd like the bank to have to help benefit the rest of the clan, I'm more than happy to award compensation in forum gold to you or exchange for any other items that you need. HRs are also now available from the LPs Bank, but in limited supply at the moment. So, help it out and spread the wealth. If anything is needed please visit the Bank Account here:

Clan Bank Account

Donations for NEW Clan Bank Account Battal10

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Donations for NEW Clan Bank Account
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