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 New and First pvp clan within the clan

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PostSubject: New and First pvp clan within the clan   Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:54 pm

As some of you may be aware the higher officals in the clan, (battlion leaders and up) will create pvp,pvm,ubers,rushes, etc clans within the main one of course. As of now me(4am_forever) and phil(zip_godd) have created our own pvp team. These are seperate tryouts and are harder to get in then when u normally tried for the LP clan. We will do tryouts for anyone but make sure one of us is in the game while this is going on. If not it will not count. Our name is End Game, and we will be posting up the individual section for pvp teams, and tryouts start immediatlly, but first if you want to try out go down in the forum to tournaments and enter into the one I am hosting if you dont there is no point in you trying out. This is where we seperate the gg from the decent
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PostSubject: Re: New and First pvp clan within the clan   Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:42 am

Me and phil (zipack) had a discussion and we're all developing squads inside the clan. Zipack and Grim have started the PvP squad and are going to recruit members for the squad. We are putting together different squads for different initiations and will be taking tryouts and getting dedicated members for their squad and purposes. Each member can be member of multiple squads if keeping a place doing the tasks the squad takes on. Me (Fuzion), Rob (rwastoner) and joe (cadillacjoe2) are also part of the Ladder squad we're opening to collect and gather equity, items, and characters on D2 Ladder.


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New and First pvp clan within the clan
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